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Our Process

Like a trusted switchboard operator, we’re here to connect you to the essentials, ensuring a smooth and clear passage every step of the way.


We will quickly onboard you as a client and gain access to your current website setup. We will evaluate any concerns and identify additional costs.

Setup & Migration

Using our quality checklist, we then initialize the setup and migration process. We setup the staging and production environments, and adjust your DNS settings. After which, we’re ready to roll!


Once we’ve cycled through your immediate project requirements we will send you monthly or quarterly updates. These will outline everything we’ve done in that period, including regular updates and fixes.

Web Development & Automation

  • Rental Assistance On-Demand

    Rental Assistance On-Demand

    About the Project Searching for Rental Assistance Despite rental assistance programs being broadly available, they continue to be difficult to find. Being a renter over the past decade has exposed me to the wide scope of issues renters face on a regular basis, and the lack of awareness that comes with knowing which resources can…

  • Automated Dashboard Analytics

    Automated Dashboard Analytics

    About the project Through my engagements with Google Sheets and other tools, like Glide and Make, I have developed several dashboards for analyzing data on the fly. From PreLease, where Rental Health Check data could be accessed, to Breadwinner, a project I spun up to aggregate Cottage Food data in Minnesota. I have developed a…

  • Personal URL Generator

    Personal URL Generator

    About the project I started working on this service in the style of when I kept running into a personal blocker where I couldn’t reliably and actively track my link clicks. Why would one want to do this? Both immediately considerable use cases involve work. For businesses, if you’ve ever used Mailchimp or any…

  • Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Are you looking for a way to stay on top of your Pushbullet notifications and keep track of them all in one place? Look no further than this handy Google Apps Script code, designed to pull all of your Pushbullet notifications into a spreadsheet for easy viewing and organization. The code is simple to use…

With a decade of entrepreneurial experience across several industries, I am ready to hit the ground running with your next project – Zachary Hurdle

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