Our mission is to increase access to hyperlocal goods, services and resources.

How We Boost Hyperlocal Narratives


We tap into community resonances, produce localized soundscapes, and set the stage to elevate your audio vision swiftly and distinctly.


Drawing from community insights and swift video conceptualization, we ensure our productions captivate authentic audiences.

Web Dev & Automation

Partnering with businesses, nonprofits, and communities, we design websites and automation systems that evolve and optimize continuously, ensuring lasting efficiency and impact.

Switchboard BBS is committed to all things local. Community intentions and their creators need space to exist. Mechanisms that we used to rely on for community engagement and connection are no longer as prominent, relevant, or accessible. We need community tools.

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  • Boosting User Engagement on Your Website: The Power of Interactivity

    Boosting User Engagement on Your Website: The Power of Interactivity

    The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and while social media is a dominant player, the significance of a company’s website remains paramount. A website serves as a business’s digital storefront and often the first impression potential customers get. However, just having a website isn’t enough. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must ensure their websites not…

  • Beyond Social: Expanding into Diverse Digital Real Estate

    Beyond Social: Expanding into Diverse Digital Real Estate

    In the digital age, while social media platforms hold substantial clout, the cornerstone of a business’s digital presence remains its website. A company’s site is its digital storefront, reflecting its ethos, brand, and offerings. For businesses keen on growing, understanding the importance of diversifying media on this digital real estate is pivotal. Your Website, Your…

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  • No Fine Dining

    No Fine Dining

    Listen and subscribe here: Spotify Substack No Fine Dining is a show about free food, the way we eat it, and who’s making it. In working with Colin over at Eureka Compass Vegan Food, he and I have had many discussions about Community Dinners, Pay What You Want and Pay What You Can meals and…

  • Radio Cottagecore

    Radio Cottagecore

    Over the course of a two year period, I recorded over 20 “episodes” about all things local. With topics ranging from food to tech, I used Radio Cottagecore to discuss the activity that people took up during the pandemic and how these trends evolved over time. The wonderful folks at Frogtown Radio facilitated this activity…

Web Development & Automation

  • Breadwinner 2.0

    Breadwinner 2.0

    I’ve been hyper-focused on overhauling Breadwinner over this past weekend, a startup I founded with the intent of uplifting Cottage Food. Why now? The past couple years has given me the opportunity to observe the broader landscape and determine which features would be best suited for this use case. The previous iteration of Breadwinner was…

  • Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Are you looking for a way to stay on top of your Pushbullet notifications and keep track of them all in one place? Look no further than this handy Google Apps Script code, designed to pull all of your Pushbullet notifications into a spreadsheet for easy viewing and organization. The code is simple to use…

  • Breadwinner


    About the project Over the past few years I have been laser-focused on Cottage Food. Anybody baking, pickling, or fermenting (and more) and selling those goods out of their home or at a community event is a Cottage Food Producer, and one who is now fighting tooth and nail to ensure that their business can…

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Dashboard Analytics

    About the project PreLease offers Tenant-Friendly Management™ for renters and aims to transform the reduce housing instability and homelessness. We have developed a suite of tools for diagnosing renters and determining which resources they should access based on their responses. A handful of the tools I’ve developed, pictured below, have been dashboards which parse and…

  • Personal URL Generator

    Personal URL Generator

    About the project I started working on this service in the style of bit.ly when I kept running into a personal blocker where I couldn’t reliably and actively track my link clicks. Why would one want to do this? Both immediately considerable use cases involve work. For businesses, if you’ve ever used Mailchimp or any…

  • Project Development & Guidance

    Project Development & Guidance

    About the project Google’s GSuite of tools (Docs. Sheets, Slides, etc.) have their place in day-to-day operations within any business. Through my web development career, I’ve encountered a number of situations where I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate a new facet of the GSuite, or to improve upon what was started by my client. While…

  • Maintenance and Upkeep

    Maintenance and Upkeep

    About the project As I started offering web-development services, I found that my clients needs didn’t stop with the development of their website. They often have a need to manage the general tools, subscriptions, and files that govern their website, such that the lights stay on and everything stays secure. As a dedicated provider of…

  • Rental Health Check

    Rental Health Check

    About the project I co-founded a startup that is seeking to improve the rental experience, and over the past 6 months, we have been working on a tool called the Rental Health Check. The Rental Health Check is a comprehensive process that utilizes Appsheet, Glide, Google Sheets, Make, and Mailchimp to optimize the rental experience…

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