About Us

Crafting community connections.

Our mission is to increase access to hyperlocal goods, services, and resources.

We leverage over a decade of experience and expertise in technology and community engagement to help individuals, small businesses, and organizations extend their influence through web development, automation strategy, and bespoke video and audio production.

Audio, video, and web platforms are not just digital assets; they’re gateways to a world waiting to be heard and seen. At Switchboard BBS, we champion the power of localized storytelling and innovative web solutions to boost hyperlocal services and resources. Our track record? A rich tapestry of collaborations with both local gems and national giants, spanning everything from podcasts to tailored video projects.

We pride ourselves on more than just content creation. By hosting Community Hackathons, we light the path for the younger generation and community at large, equipping them with tools to craft solutions for issues close to home. We see technology as not just a business tool, but as an enabler for change, connection, and community-building.

Want to dive deeper into our journey or curious about our initiatives? Explore further to understand our ethos and the pulse that drives us.

We invest in our community.

Established as a beacon for localized audio, video, and web solutions, Switchboard BBS has empowered both local and national entities since its inception. Our portfolio? A myriad of podcasts, tailored video projects, and transformative web services. Our pride? Hosting Community Hackathons, where we bridge gaps by equipping the youth and community with low-code/no-code mastery to address local challenges.

We’re proud to partner with community visionaries.

Our Values

Commit to community

We believe in the power of a connected community

embrace excellence

We strive to deliver work that leaves a sustained impact

empower our youth

We know that our youth need guidance and mentorship

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