About the project

Over the past few years I have been laser-focused on Cottage Food. Anybody baking, pickling, or fermenting (and more) and selling those goods out of their home or at a community event is a Cottage Food Producer, and one who is now fighting tooth and nail to ensure that their business can get an edge on those larger institutions.

Using Appsheet, I developed a public and private app for those seeking Cottage Food. The public app provides Cottage Food within a given radius, and general perusing of content. The private, or pro version, allows for more robust filtering mechanisms, saving Cottage Food Producers for later, and generally engaging with content such that the users content is saved, and if built upon, they could receive notifications and so on.


I started developing an app for locating Cottage Food Producers, as their information in some cases can be readily found, but not in a consumable way. The difficult part with this aggregation comes in serving the data. There may be better ways of managing it now, but by having users provide their location gives me the ability to serve them only Cottage Food Producers who are within a given radius.

Another component to consider is persistent access to updated data. The data is being provided by the Department of Agriculture in this case, but other states may handle their data differently, not provide it, or not track it.