Dashboard Analytics

About the project

PreLease offers Tenant-Friendly Management™ for renters and aims to transform the reduce housing instability and homelessness. We have developed a suite of tools for diagnosing renters and determining which resources they should access based on their responses.

A handful of the tools I’ve developed, pictured below, have been dashboards which parse and display information according to the user’s selection. This includes a tool for employees and partners to use in tandem with PreLease. They use the the the provided tools to diagnose renters, review results, provide feedback, and submit a final report.


In the case of providing a quick, easy-to-use dashboard landlords, I had to figure out how Appsheet and Google Sheets could work in tandem to provide digestible survey results. Appsheet certainly has options, but I found that they weren’t dynamic enough without investing a substantial amount of time.

Luckily, I am familiar with Google Sheets’ QUERY function, which allows for robust data manipulation. Using the PIVOT function within QUERY, I was able to dynamically procure survey results based on user input.