PreLease: Minnesota Cup 2023

This summer/fall, the startup I cofounded, PreLease, became an entrant in the Minnesota Cup (again). We made it past the first stage and became semi-finalists, requiring us to compile a set of materials for review, which included a one minute video.

Last year, we worked with MSP Excite over a month-long period to develop our video, and attained great results. This year, however, we decided to do things a little bit differently. Our budget, along with my ability to do video and audio work enabled us to truly consider how we could internally procure our one minute video.

Abu, my fellow cofounder, and I started with a simple script that revolved around the basic ideas one would consider when making a compelling video: a central problem and struggle, a main character who experiences said struggle, a villain of some kind or a barrier which enhances the struggle, and a solution or newfound ability which solves the problem at hand. We noodled over this format in several ways, and decided on a particular format to execute on.

Our execution included writing a script, sourcing B-roll, and recording audio read by us, as well as from interviews with relevant parties. Our first pass at the video was suitable and conveyed feelings that resonated with those that knew who are and what we were trying to do, but for those without context, the video was confusing and distracting from the main point we were trying to convey. We attempted to shop the video further to hone in on those pieces that would provide greater clarity, but we found ourselves needing to go back to our interviewees for more content. This overall was unproductive, and unrealistic considering our time frame.

After viewing previous submissions again on a Saturday morning, I decided to suggest that we should start over from scratch. We created a new script, sourced new B-roll, and recorded our audio snippets to be used with the video and graphics. This was with two days before the submission was due. While we did not make it to the next round, I am proud of my ability to pull orchestrate these moving parts into a cohesive, and digestible video conveyed our intent. You can find the video below.

If you need video or audio work, please reach out and let me know! I am available at any time to discuss your projects and nuanced needs.