Radio Cottagecore

Over the course of a two year period, I recorded over 20 “episodes” about all things local. With topics ranging from food to tech, I used Radio Cottagecore to discuss the activity that people took up during the pandemic and how these trends evolved over time.

The wonderful folks at Frogtown Radio facilitated this activity by equipping me with a top-of-the-line Roland audio recorder. I became proficient with it’s use in many situations: in isolated rooms where I recorded audio blogs, to public spaces where I interviewed individuals, or had long-form conversations with a variety of participants. I used this recorder along with Hindenburg, Audacity, and even Filmora to edit, cut, splice, and master my recordings.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to dip my toes and learn the ropes with this project, and I’m looking forward to forging forward with my next audio venture: No Fine Dining.