Rental Health Check

About the project

I co-founded a startup that is seeking to improve the rental experience, and over the past 6 months, we have been working on a tool called the Rental Health Check. The Rental Health Check is a comprehensive process that utilizes Appsheet, Glide, Google Sheets, Make, and Mailchimp to optimize the rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

With Appsheet, we have created a desktop and mobile experience for those facilitating a Rental health Check. Glide enables tenants to monitor their Rental Health Check progress, view their results, and to access resources they might need. Google Sheets centralizes all the data collected from tenants and landlords for easy access and analysis. Make automates various rental processes, such as sending Rental Health Check updates and reminders, to save time and improve communication. Finally, Mailchimp automates email communication with tenants and landlords, providing valuable updates, and improving their overall experience.


The most difficult aspect of this project is keeping everything in alignment once an update is applied. If a new column is added to the sheet, then we need to account for how that impacts things downstream. In some cases, we opted to build in a set amount of pre-filled columns to mitigate this issue for some period of time. Then it becomes again about maintenance and upkeep.