I’m a serious audiophile and like to hear everything. I have a keen ear for audio quality, and I’ll edit and enhance your episodes to make them sound polished and engaging. You can count on me to assist you with consistently publishing high-quality content on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

With over two years of experience in recording and producing radio shows, as well as recently launching a new podcast, I understand the intricacies of audio content creation and editing.

From intros to outros, and everything in between, I have handled all the of the technical aspects required to getting a podcast or radio show up and running. Whether you choose platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify for Podcasters, or any other platform, I’ll ensure your podcast is ready to launch. Additionally, I can assist with the content creation if you are looking for inspiration with your podcast cover art or social media content.

  • No Fine Dining

    No Fine Dining

    Listen and subscribe here: Spotify Substack No Fine Dining is a show about free food, the way we eat it, and who’s making it. In working with Colin over at Eureka Compass Vegan Food, he and I have had many discussions about Community Dinners, Pay What You Want and Pay What You Can meals and…

  • Radio Cottagecore

    Radio Cottagecore

    Over the course of a two year period, I recorded over 20 “episodes” about all things local. With topics ranging from food to tech, I used Radio Cottagecore to discuss the activity that people took up during the pandemic and how these trends evolved over time. The wonderful folks at Frogtown Radio facilitated this activity…

With a decade of entrepreneurial experience across several industries, I am ready to hit the ground running with your next project – Zachary Hurdle

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