• Breadwinner 2.0

    Breadwinner 2.0

    I’ve been hyper-focused on overhauling Breadwinner over this past weekend, a startup I founded with the intent of uplifting Cottage Food. Why now? The past couple years has given me the opportunity to observe the broader landscape and determine which features would be best suited for this use case. The previous iteration of Breadwinner was…

  • Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Creating Search for Pushbullet

    Are you looking for a way to stay on top of your Pushbullet notifications and keep track of them all in one place? Look no further than this handy Google Apps Script code, designed to pull all of your Pushbullet notifications into a spreadsheet for easy viewing and organization. The code is simple to use…

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Dashboard Analytics

    About the project PreLease offers Tenant-Friendly Managementâ„¢ for renters and aims to transform the reduce housing instability and homelessness. We have developed a suite of tools for diagnosing renters and determining which resources they should access based on their responses. A handful of the tools I’ve developed, pictured below, have been dashboards which parse and…

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